Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bad at Blogging??

I have been very committed to the blogs which I follow--getting some great ideas!--but have been terrible at giving back!

I want to show off my first lesson:
This is the finished product!
Easy enough to instruct. I give them a small amount of clay, and they are to roll 4 balls--one large, one medium, two small. They learn to "scratch" and "attach" the three together for the body of the snowman. From there, they focus on the fourth ball, pinching it into the shape they choose for their hat. I even had a French beret! Scratch and attach the hat on. Poke two pencil holes in the arms. Add a small cone-shaped piece for a nose.
After firing, my kids used white glaze all over, and brought their snow person to me to dip the nose in orange.
They were asked what color/patterns they desired on their hat, and I completed this for them--I have SO many choices of colors, it would be crazy to have them all out.
ENJOY your wintry creations!