Sunday, March 18, 2012


The best (and busiest week) of this school year just came to a close! I had my Artist in Residence at our school for 3 glorious days! She was truly AMAZING! Waaaaaay back in November, I wrote a grant to host Michelle Stitzlein and in the time she was at school, create a mosaic completely made from bottle caps. Think beautiful, brightly colored caps that end up in the garbage (90% of caps cannot be recycled, did you know that?!) because, well, what else are you gonna do with them?? Well, we made a masterpiece.

The sorting started last school year. We have been collecting caps as a school (and, er, my family and husband is the most excited one to see this project come to fruition) for the last two years. Kindergarteners learning the color wheel as they sort caps for the future project. 

The week before Michelle came, we needed to project and transfer the image to be created onto four 4'x 8' plywood boards. I did the enlarging, but had help from a group of 7th and 4th graders to fill in the areas with bright paints. (P.S. the imagery was a compilation of design ideas from 6th and 8th graders earlier in the school year.)

Thanks girls!


The following photos are only a fraction of the action in my classroom this past week.
Day 1:
 Starting out small with the lady bug and the bird!

Caterpillar in the works!

Bangin' out the snowflakes! love my parent helpers :)

 Gotta love the intensity.
Day 2:
 Kindergarten through 2nd graders were only allowed to push the button to make the drill go. Help was SO essential, and I have the best from these parents, homeroom teachers, and high school cadet teachers :)

The BIG kids looking tough and un phased. Don't believe it, they DEFINITELY got into it!
 It's coming along...
 Big 8th grade boys
 Thank goodness for meticulous students!
 Our arms are sore by the end of the day! (Don't you just love Michelle's wearable bottle cap clothing and accessories?!)

Day 3:
Love these boys!
 I think they were surprised to find how easily they were able to use power tools!
 A new day, a new apron :)
 4th grade is so great
 Taking a break for a photo op, of course!
 The button pusher.
 Thank you, thank you parents!
 Silly boys...."we're at the spa"

On the 5th day, two days after Michelle left......we hung the mosaic! Are you ready?!

View from the left.
  View from my classroom, since it's hard to step back enough to get the entire mosaic in frame.
 View from the right.
 Just the summer and fall panels.
 Summer, fall and winter.
 Spring panel.

I am in love with this installation. The reaction from the kids once they saw it hanging was priceless. I have to confess, I was in tears at one point. AND-I get to see it every day, since we decided to put it right across from the Art room, between the computer lab and the library. The basement is definitely way brighter and friendlier now! :)


  1. This turned out lovely. So glad to have found you... I will be placing you on my blog roll!

    1. why, thank you! I found your blog, and I will have to come back to it when I have more time-SO many resources!