Monday, September 17, 2012

Stained Glass Windows

This is the first lesson of the year for Fourth Grade. We take a "field trip" over to our church (lucky we have one just next door, and observe the stained glass windows. I read the kids a short history on the purpose of stained glass windows originally, and they are always a little surprised that there was a time when most people didn't know how to read.
We spend some very quiet, respectful time in the pews at church, sketching our favorite images in the windows there, and come back to make our foundation for the project.

After they have folded their chosen color of paper, I demo to them how to line up the template so that they don't end up with two halves. Watch them really closely, because as you know, they might still make that mistake!
We draw out our chosen sketches and add more elements that we create on our own. You can see in the example above how I will have them trace their lines with Sharpie. Once they have done that, they are ready for oil pastels. We talk extensively about blending, layering the colors so that it appears that light is shining through the window like so:
This is time consuming work, but they are usually very good at spending the time on each small space. Here are some of the finished works!

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