Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Leaf Batiks!

I just love how these fabric projects turned out! 

I introduced my 2nd graders to batik with an original from Africa (my best friend was lucky enough to study abroad there in college and bring me some suveniers) and a Mrs. Carvitti original. After explaining to them how most batiks are created (blocking out colors using hot wax), we talked about how ours would be made with a flour-water mixture using pastry decorating bags!

Supplies needed:
Flour, water, pastry decorating bags and tips, a thick enough fabric (I used muslin) to take the resist, leaf shapes or actual leaves, fabric paint, iron and ironing board

To make the paste:
1 c flour
1/2 c water 
2 tbsp alum
mix to a pancake consistency

Lesson one, I had the kids choose some shapes they wanted to use and transfer them to paper. Outline those shapes with black marker to be seen through the back of the fabric.

The cut the paper to a circle that would fit behind the embroidery hoops holding each piece of fabric.
They helped each other hold the page if it wasn't showing through enough, some of them were dark enough, some not.

 During the second lesson, once it was dry, the kids could either use the spray bottles (with diluted paint) or use a brush to add the color. Or both! We let them dry over night. 
The next morning, I used a metal spatula to scrape off the dried flour mixture, and then ironed them as the fabric paint sets that way. 

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