Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's been a while! K-8 Clay Projects 2014 in Review!

I am back! I have a good excuse for my absence from blogging...hubby and I are preparing for our first baby, due in just over 2 weeks!

I have been just a LITTLE busy...yearbook layout is due at the end of next week, prepping all pieces for the Spring Art Show prior to baby's arrival (which I will hang about a month after little one arrives) and preparing for a sub (a non-art elementary teacher) to teach 9 grade levels for the ~7 weeks I will be out. Just a tad stressful, right?

Anywho, in planning for a sub, I wanted to complete all of the years' clay projects before I leave. Here is what we've been doing in the Art Room:

Kindergarten, Ceramic Snowmen
 1st grade, Clay Birds
2nd grade, Ceramic Snowball Bowls
 3rd grade, Funky Fish
4th grade, Ceramic Animal Rattles
 6th grade, Ceramic Leaves
8th grade, Coil Pots

Un pictured, 5th grade is still working on their Ceramic Self Portraits and 7th grade is working on completing their Clay Nature's Cycle Mandalas. Most of these are easy enough for art teachers to see how they were done :) but if not, feel free to comment and I will send you a lesson plan!

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