Friday, November 11, 2016

The Studio Space!

This is my art room. 
I thought I'd start out by sharing our creative space at The Summit (this is just for grades 1-4, amazingly, there are three other art classrooms on campus for middle and high school students). 

Admittedly, these photos were taken at the start of my first year here, 2015-16. 
 computer area divided from the rest of the studio with work space for all the matting behind
 my personal sink area, behind my desk
 art room rules and some cabinetry near student tables
 student work tables
 I. have. a. smarboard. WHA?! 
 drawers for in-process student work, kiln room visible to the side
drying rack to one side, free time activity for early finishers

If you have questions about any of these areas in my classroom, feel free to ask. This is my ninth year teaching and I am always learning more about organization and flow in the art room. I feel like I might finally be getting it down to a science!  

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